Sunday, August 29, 2010

end of the vacation

Well, vacation is over it was great camping in Blue Springs.  Very relaxing! Tonight Manolo made almond milk with Emma watching on and then they ate Dulce de leche ice cream, to finish the evening.  Emma got a new piggy bank she named Wilbur.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Backyard in the summer

The mangos have been great this year. We discovered the best way to keep squirrels from eating them, feed them, yup...feed them. I have been giving them dry corn and they ignore the mangos.  Woodpeckers were another problem but not so bad. My koi laid eggs and we have 5 new babies, so much fun to watch.  The chickens are getting along great, still not sure if Miami the big white one is a rooster (Emma named him or her, Miami since we got him or her in Miami along with Marshmallow) We are getting wonderful fresh eggs almost daily. Zach loves being out with me in the garden, Alfie is giving me the "I'm ready for my walk" look.  I painted the ladybugs on my fence & Sarah painted the butterflies, I want to paint more with her, it was so much fun!